Do You Have Questions About your Pool and its Maintenance?

Here Are some Helpful Answers…

Q:  How long does a vinyl pool last?

The lifespan for the averse vinyl liner should be 10 to 15 years +, depending on chemical usage.

Q:  What kind of regular maintenance is required for a vinyl pool?

Checking the PH and alkalinity. Cleaning, if a “bath-tub” ring develops, using only chemicals made for a vinyl pool.

Q:  Can I have a gunite pool converted to vinyl?


Q:  Why do I have an algae problem in my pool?

You likely have low sanitizer levels in your pool.  If your total alkalinity and PH levels are within acceptable ranges, then you will need to boost your sanitizer levels and ‘shock’ your pool at least every 2 weeks.  You should also introduce an algaecide to the pool water as part of your weekly water chemistry maintenance.

Q:  Why is my pool water a funny color?

Brownish/Reddish color can indicate the presence of metals like iron in your water or a larger scale water imbalance.   Greenish/bluish color can indicate high levels of PH. Cloudy Water indicates a number of possible problems including early onset of algea growth, high TDS levels, high PH levels, high total alkalinity levels, or high calcium hardness levels.

Q:  Why must I have a fence?

Codes require them and they are for both your safety and others.

Q:  Can a small underwater tear in the vinyl be repaired?


Q:  Why is a vinyl pool better than a gunite pool?

Because they are easier to maintain.  As they are colorfast they do not require periodic painting and draining of water.

Q:  Why should I have a pool cover?

A good pool cover will filter out debris and block out sunlight to reduce algae.

Q:  What do I do if my liner starts to come loose?

Boil some water and pour it on both sides of the loosened area. This somewhat  eases the vinyl and allows you to work with it.  Work quickly, and push it back in.  Be Careful using the hot water so as not to burn yourself.