Vinyl Liner Replacement

Operating in the following counties in Maryland: Montgomery, Howard, Frederick and Carroll.

Liners will be installed so the user will obtain its maximum life.

  • Existing water must be pumped out first.
  • Careful measurements are then needed to assure proper fit.
  • Plumbing pipes are pressure tested at time of liner replacement to ensure they are in proper working order.
  • Clean (and patch-as-needed) hard-bottomed pool.
  • If old pool had sand bottom, it is newly troweled.
  • Old liner will be hauled away.
  • New plumbing face plates and gaskets will be installed.  Some older type face plates are no longer available, so existing ones may have to be replaced.
  • Pool walls will be lined with 1/4″ thick foam (if needed.)
  • We don’t send shortened measurements (even though that makes them easier to install).
  • Water to fill new pool will be obtained by either a water truck or the legal use of a fire hydrant.


We have used the PREMIER Line of Latham International for many years.  In order to view a selection of those liners, you can go to their Website at: